About ITEN

Solid state rechargable SMD micro batteries.

High scale integration, self-reliance, security of data, ease of manufacturing, simple recycling and low manufacturing costs are the main drivers of the electronic industry.
To meet all these requirements, it is now a requisite to have energy micro-storage solutions available in a very compact form factor, easy to assemble and able to deliver high power on demand while being reliable on an extended operating temperature range.

ITEN’s charter is precisely to develop, manufacture and sell fast-rechargeable solid-state micro-batteries in the form of Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) to be assembled and handled like any other SMD component by using pick-&-place and solder reflow techniques.

More than 8 years of Research and Development, a revolutionary solid-state battery technology many times awarded, more than 150 patents granted throughout the world have made ITEN the reference for energy and power micro-storage solutions compatible with high security on 10 to 20 years lifespan and over temperature ranging from -40°C to +85°C. This is actually a revolution in the field of energy micro-storage!

ITEN’s products are indeed the ideal solutions for miniature and nomadic devices and concrete answers as soon as you need to back-up data in the event of power loss, to power-assist primary batteries so as to deliver the peak currents required for a RF transmission, and even to power up a network of wireless autonomous sensors, implantable or minimally invasive medical devices, a watch, a smart card or and identification token, a security module in a Point of Sales, a smart shelf-label or a tire-pressure monitoring system. ITEN, Powering a new dimension!