Medical applications

The healthcare industry is evolving very fast and the new emerging applications are diverse: some of them are very demanding in terms of power supply: form factor and thickness, safety, requirement for power, etc.

Examples of applications where power supply miniaturization is key are Implantable Medical Devices (IMD), minimally invasive devices, disposable medical devices or skin patches. This is the case in neurostimulators or in medical diagnostics devices and medical sensors for patient monitoring (e.g. cardiovascular or diabetes monitoring, temperature and sweat sensing). All these medical devices do require compact and safe micro-batteries. Biosensors for biomedical diagnostics and lab-on-a-chip solutions would also take benefit of small footprint storage cells able to deliver high power on demand.

In this respect, ITEN micro-batteries are the ideal solution wherever a small size, a customized form factor, a high energy storage density and maximum safety are required without sacrificing the possibility to deliver high peak currents for radio transmission. ITEN micro-batteries are able to store sufficient energy in less than a few mm3; they contain neither flammable nor toxic materials: this is obviously key for devices being in contact with the skin or to be implanted in the human body.

Using ITEN micro-batteries make it easy to recycle the disposable medical devices after use, since such micro-batteries can be thrown away together with the printed circuit board and any other SMD components present in the electronic system.

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