Retail / Smart shelf labels

The future of physical retail shop relies on the digitization. As an example, the trend is in retail shops to use more and more electronic shelf labels to have the price of goods displayed and updated electronically. This is only one part of a global evolution which goal is primarily to fully connect and digitize the retail shops, to automate most of the low-value added processes and to better know and serve their potential customers. Electronic Shelf Label are also used for general marketing to attract more attention to products.

These electronic shelf label are generally based on low power display like ePaper displays combined with a RF transmission media and a battery. To avoid heavy maintenance costs (battery replacement), rechargeable micro-batteries possibly combined with low cost energy harvesting solutions are considered as an alternative or an add-on to primary batteries.

ITEN rechargeable micro-batteries are for these markets as well, the ideal solution since they offer both high energy density, tiny footprint and deliver enough current to power up the most common RF modules used to connect the shelf label itself to a centralized system. Their long lifespan, namely between 10 and 20 years, is also key to keep maintenance costs as low as possible.

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