Smart cards & tokens

More and more payment cards do effectively embed new features like crypto-dynamic codes (thanks to a display at the back of the card), specific user interface (sound or LED blinking) or biometric authentication. Such smartcards aim at reducing significantly the bank back-office costs and the financial fraud while preserving privacy and security of personal data of the smartcard user. All these new smartcards must be powered. In many cases, the preferred solutions for powering such smartcards are rechargeable batteries that get recharged regularly either through the smartcard chip contact pads or from energy harvested through the antenna used for contactless connectivity. With ITEN micro-batteries, no need to replace the battery when it is exhausted and no need to oversize the battery capacity to cope with the 3-5 years lifespan required for the smartcard.

Take benefit of the small form factor of ITEN batteries (thickness from 300µm to 450µm), of their high energy storage density and their ability to recharge very quickly (50% in a few 10 seconds) . These miniature SMD micro-batteries can easily be connected and assembled to the smart card inlay for instance and withstand the standard hot lamination processing conditions normally used for the smart card manufacturing; the solid-state micro-battery is also easy to recycle and has no longer drastic impact on the overall recycling process of battery-powered smartcards. By nature, ITEN micro-batteries are not flammable and are thus safer for the smartcard users.

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