Why ITEN ?

  1. Would you like to play your part in a meaningful project and in a very innovative multi award winning company? (Electron d’Or 2014, world contest of innovation phases 2 and 3)
  2. Would you like to make your contribution to eco-designed products minimizing energy consumption, waste and carbon footprint?
  3. Do you find yourself in creating, building, learning or testing all the time and do you wish each day to be different from the previous one?
  4. Are autonomy, action, efficient and fast decision making essential for your motivation?
  5. Do you appreciate being in a nice working environment, in green surroundings and in a highly dynamic employment area?
These are 5 excellent reasons to join ITEN!

Career areas

Innovation is strongly rewarded in engineering and R&D roles. Top talent will find exciting challenges in quite different fields like:

  • Production operator
  • Material science and chemistry
  • Process engineering
  • Electronics development
  • Application engineer
  • Test and assembly engineering
  • Industrializing
  • Quality assurance and reliability
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Marketing

Opportunities available

Senior Field Application Engineer (M/F) cdi


ITEN is the leading industrial company developing and manufacturing solid-state lithium-ion micro-batteries in the form of SMD components. Such micro-batteries are rechargeable in a few minutes and are not only able to store high energy density but also to deliver power and high peak currents over a wide operating temperature range. ITEN’s micro-batteries are the ideal solutions to back-up and power up applications in electronics, IOT (Asset tracking and monitoring, sensor data loggers, beacons and RF tags, autonomous wireless sensors in home and building automation, smart cities), medical devices and wearables or e-textile. Would you like to play your part in a dynamic and very innovative multi award winning tech company? Join us and be part of what’s next in energy storage. The Sales Team is seeking an enthusiastic Applications Engineer who will be responsible for the application electronics development of our micro-battery product portfolio and the technical support of our customers to help shortening their design phase. The job entails working with cross-functional groups to continually push the envelope of technology implemented in ITEN products. Primary responsibilities include: - Specification and generation of application circuits and demo boards including GUI with circuit design steps, component selection, circuit schematics, bill of materials, and interface to subcontractors for PCB layout, assembly, test procedures and reports. - Specifications cover both hardware, firmware and software and will be used either for the internal development and/or by a subcontractor to develop part or all the solution. - Management of the system development project - Specifications of possibly required mobile applications on smartphones. - Development of the technical documentation (e.g. application notes and design guidelines, evaluation kit and reference design datasheets); - Distribution and Customer support - To provide guidance for troubleshooting/analysis, competitive analysis, and to generate solution, including support relative to applications and systems issues. - To build and customize reference designs provided and to analyze, debug and resolve issues quickly. - To promote Products and support design-in; - To contribute to competitive technical analysis - Collaboration with third-party semiconductor companies to generate reference designs based on ITEN’s micro-batteries. - Contribution to the definition of innovative and differentiated products.