Evaluation kits

Find the right ITEN hardware and tools needed for your next design.

ITEN offers various micro-batteries that meet different performance requirements. ITEN provides various evaluation kit to help you checking which specific micro-battery fits within your own design. Such evaluation kits do include:

The purpose of these evaluation kits is also to help the system designers:

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Part number

Micro Battery


Data sheet

Micro Battery : Data Sheet

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IT-EKX121005B ITX121005B Powerloss protection

Suggested applications : Backup (RTC , µC), POS & Terminals

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IT-EKX181210A ITX181210A Powerloss protection

Suggested applications : Backup (RTC, µC), Temperature loggers

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IT-EKX181225A ITX121025B Powerloss protection Watches

Suggested applications : Backup (RTC, µC, DRAM), Beacons

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IT-EKX181250A ITX181250A Powerloss protection Watches Medical applications Autonomous sensors

Suggested applications : Beacons & GPS/GSM modules, Wearables and eTextiles, Mobile peripherals, Nomadic devices

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