Our core values


ITEN, an innovative industrial company.

Leveraging both its technology and its know-how, ITEN is from now on, a must-see player in the field of energy storage. By manufacturing and selling rechargeable solid-state micro-batteries, ITEN makes its latest innovations available to its customers, when it comes to nanotechnologies.
But ITEN does not call it quits and strive after becoming the worldwide leader in micro-batteries and micro-storage solutions for energy and power. This is why all ITEN employees do innovate on a day-to-day basis, with both audacity and rigor and do imagine and develop solutions creating more and more value for our customers and shareholders.

ITEN, the best solutions to serve our customers.

All our products combine performance and reliability. They are designed to make solutions simpler in existing use cases and, at the same time, to enable new use cases.
They all have the same objective, namely to serve our clients and more generally our fellow citizens, to ease their mobility and to make their day-to-day life easier, more intuitive and more interactive.
Our technologies effectively contribute to increase and secure all the exchanges and the financial transactions, between citizens while keeping their private data unspoiled. In addition, our technologies make some new solutions emerging in the field of healthcare and well-being, more and more secure, compact and high-performance.

ITEN, for a safer and more sustainable world!

Eco-design and environmental exigence are key words with ITEN. In concrete terms, this translates into:
  • Maximizing the yields in raw materials and reducing the amount of energy required to manufacture our solutions
  • Using materials that are non-toxic and that do not contaminate our environment
  • A specific care in reprocessing the waste and in reducing the carbon footprint of its manufacturing processes and solutions
    • By designing solutions which can be more easily recycled
    • By proposing concrete solutions to applications which are key for the protection and the consideration of our planet

ITEN, this is also a value system!

This environmental approach comes within the scope of a more global value system being in force inside ITEN. The key to best understand ITEN interactions with its customers, partners and employees, is to be found in the 4 following words:
Of course, self-confidence but also trust in our customers and partners.
we are aiming at a sustainable and a daily excellence in the production and the quality of our products and their relevant services, combining both reactivity to your requests and pleasant working atmosphere.
when being with ITEN, it is normal and spontaneous to respect each other, the timelines and deadlines, the customers and partners, the differences and the culture diversity.
By encouraging our employees to be curious and creative, we do take risks to put disruptive technologies quickly on the market and better serve our customers.

ITEN, comfortable with a high social responsibility!

Because our employees are at the heart of ITEN’s innovation and growth, the management principles in force within ITEN do aim at creating the conditions required for our staff to unlock their talents and know-hows. These principles are simple rules, fully accepted and executed, so as to boost and promote autonomy, responsibility, desire, audacity and the competencies of our employees. These principles are based on respect and trust, with in your sights, the operational excellence demanded by our customers and shareholders.