Who we are

ITEN is a world leader in providing SMD solid-state rechargeable micro-batteries to various electronics industries.

The company was created in 2011 to develop, manufacture and sell micro-batteries. These micro-batteries solve the power supply issue in many different use cases

Because such SMD micro-batteries can also easily be integrated by commonly used pick-and-place and reflow soldering techniques and can be easily recycled (unlike many other batteries), they are the ideal solution to power up many different applications like back-up of RTC or volatile memories, wireless autonomous sensor networks, watches, , smartcards, electronic shelf labels, disposable, implantable or minimally invasive medical devices.

Like any integrated device manufacturer, ITEN is developing and covering all front-end and back-end steps of the micro-batteries’ manufacturing process. ITEN is a privately held company focused on performance, quality and customer service and paying a specific attention to social and environmental responsibilities. Corporate headquarters and 2000m² manufacturing site are located in Dardilly (France) nearby Lyon, in the south east of France.