ITEN Certifications

Social and environmental responsibility

ITEN is certified Ecovadis 2018 which awards eco-design approaches and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Silver badge and certificate recognizes the good CSR performance and brings the credibility of a robust globally- recognized methodology.

What are the main reasons of such certification?

For example, all our micro-batteries are rechargeable; they have been designed to meet lifespan from 10 to 20 years and to withstand more than 1000 cycles of charge/discharge at 100% depth of discharge which is much more than other lithium-ion batteries ->it maximizes the life expectancy of the micro-battery and minimizes waste.

All our manufacturing processes consume less energy and maximize the material use: no use of any lengthy and high-power consuming vacuum deposition techniques for the thin film deposition, and almost no loss of material (almost 100% of the material used in the process is actually included in the product).

In addition, ITEN products target key applications like smart cities, smart building and home automation where the goal is to cut power consumption, maximize energetic efficiency and minimize the carbon footprint.

Last but not least: All our micro-batteries are lead-free and are also ROHS compliant. Since our micro-batteries are delivered in the form of a surface mount component (SMD) and since they do use neither toxic materials nor flammable materials, they are thus easily recycled like any other SMD component of the electronics industry.

ITEN quality

ITEN quality starts from the technology and product development processes

ITEN technology and products are developed to serve various demanding applications and to meet their specific use case requirements.
This is why the starting point of all our developments is a deep review of the customer specifications and a good understanding of how the products will be effectively used in the application. This defines a mission profile (covering shipment, integration and use cases) including key performance characteristics (like micro-battery capacity, continuous and pulse currents, number of charge/discharge cycles) and key reliability parameters (like electrical, thermal, mechanical and other environmental stresses).

During the development, specific reviews are arranged at the key milestones of the project. Process, product function and design failure mode and effect analysis are performed to reduce the risk occurrence by eliminating the identified root causes.
Test vehicles on new processes and first product prototypes are used not only to test the performance but also to assess the intrinsic reliability of the process or of the product: to do so, some preliminary reliability tests are performed according to the mission profile and possibly lead to improvement plans.

After the industrialization phase aiming at optimizing the production times, yields and costs, both manufacturing processes and products are fully qualified through dedicated quality and reliability screening tests performed on several production batches (corner lots). Qualified products are distinguished from unqualified products through a specific part-number reflecting the qualification status.

The quality and reliability of our products is 100% guaranteed

As an ISO 9001-certified company, the quality of the products is ensured

  • Through suppliers and subcontractors’ regular audits
  • Through statistical Process Controls (SPC) to monitor all our manufacturing process steps and to maximize production yields
  • Through automatic raw material incoming inspections
  • Through regular quality check in production by sampling
  • Through the final performance testing on 100% of the micro-batteries produced by ITEN, before shipment to the customer

On request, some additional reliability screening tests can be performed on each device to guarantee some specific mission profiles. All products from ITEN are compliant with the following norms applicable for micro-battery use or transportation:

  • IEC 62133
  • UL1642
  • AEC Q200
  • UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3
  • RoHS and REACH regulations

Full IEC 62133 and/or UL1642 Certifications of specific products by international third-party laboratories can be proposed by ITEN on request.