Micro Batteries

Energy and Power without constraints !

ITEN micro-batteries are all rechargeable 3D solid-state batteries operating on a broad operating temperature range (up to -40°C +85°C) and featuring lifespan from 10 to 20 years.

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Their high energy storage density is ideal for applications where very small footprints are required; in addition, their disruptive technology enables storing energy but also delivering high power and peak currents (e.g. a 500µA.h micro-battery can deliver peak currents up to 200mA) required to power up RF transmissions under various protocols (BluetoothTM, ZigbeeTM, LoRATM, SigfoxTM, NB-IoTTM or LTE-MTM) for data delivered by autonomous wireless sensors. All that in a footprint of a few mm² and a volume of around 12mm3.

For specific applications, the micro-battery thickness can even be cut down to 330µm. The same technology enables very fast recharging of the micro-battery at constant voltage: the time to recharge the micro-battery to a SOC of 50% is less than 60 seconds. Designers of electronic systems shall also like the low self-discharge rate and their ability to withstand more than 2000 charge/discharge cycles at 75% DOD (@room temperature).

One other significant advantage is that ITEN micro-batteries are designed to operate at high temperature and are not sensitive to short circuits specially during assembly: they can indeed be handled by any automatic PCB assembly line, like any other SMD component.

In addition, solid-state micro-batteries are safe, not flammable (neither Lithium metal, nor organic electrolytes) and are recyclable like any other SMD component. Evaluation kits are available for most of the micro-batteries of ITEN portfolio.

Since ITEN micro-batteries are manufactured by stacking elementary cells, the sizes and capacities of the micro-batteries can be easily customized and tailored to meet your use cases. In case you would not find in the following table the ideal micro-battery meeting all your requirements, please feel free to contact us and discuss your bespoke micro-battery at sales@iten.com.

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Part number

Voltage (V)

Capacity (µA.h)

Size (mm)

Operat T° (°C)

Cont Discharge (mA)

Pulse discharge (mA)

Data sheet

Evaluation Kit

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ITX121005B 2,5 50 3,2 x 2,5 x 0,6 up to –40°C / +85°C 1,5 15 -20 IT-EKX121005A Purchase now
ITX181210A 2,25 100 4,5 x 3,2 x 1,6 –20°C / +70°C 3 12-15 IT-EKX181210A Purchase now
ITX181225A 2,25 250 4,5 x 3,2 x 2,3 –20°C / +70°C 7,5 30 IT-EKX181225A Purchase now
ITX181250A 3 500 4,5 x 3,2 x 1,6 -20°C / +70°C 15 70 IT-EKX181250A Purchase now